Wednesday, 9 March 2011


This ruck sack is to die for, just love the detailing and the proportions of the front straps. Sorry to whoever it is on etsy who posted it who i can't credit because i am crap and lost the link.

Ruck sacks are still the 'it' bag of the moment, maybe its because i am cycling around everywhere and seeing them all the time, but either way, dressy day time backpacks are growing rapidly day by day in popularity.

I really love seeing personal creations on etsy - people making their own bags, its probably not really all that hard, especially simple ones like this made from humble materials such as canvas / cotton or even waxed canvas or coated nylon.


dan said...

I believe the bags are made by Abby Meadow from Oregon Coast, US. You can search 'infusion' on esty and you should find her.

Keep up the great posts,

Dan Joo

abby said...

Hey, yes this is my bag -

Thanks Dan (commenter above) ! :)