Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Hermes have designed this extremely cute apple bag. Its sort of so bad that it is good. Actually, its not really bad at all. Just funny that you could carry something as simple as an apple around in something worth so much money!

Although, it is does seem a little unnecessary, its definitely cute, inventive and backs this up coming trend of quirky little bags for the party season.

And here is the famous Banana Guard, the predecessor of the Hermes apple bag. As silly as this might seem its really not a bad idea at all. These cases elevate the status of the humble fruit, a sort of back to basic reminder. I also love the idea of cases that protect specific things such as sunglasses cases and instrument cases, check out my 'case' tag on the right hand column.

If anyone find any more fruit style bags, please send them my way!

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