Wednesday, 8 June 2011

THE 90s

Did you have a stud machine in the 90s? I didn't. But i wish i had. I'm not sure why but this bag takes me back to the era of DIY decoration, the be-dazzler and such. The ultra cool, new thing about it is the wierd orderly fashion in which these little studs are arranged. It makes me imagine that some designer had received a swatch card of available studs and embellishments from the factory in china and decided to re-create the level of excitement faced when one comes across a sample swatch card.

Its like a little fishing tackle box where you have all your hooks and flies arranged in the little compartments OR some kind of wierd board game where you have to collect a certain number of stars or dome studs in order to progress to the next level.

Either way, this bag makes me feel happy. Happy in order. Happy in options. Happy in 90s embellishments.

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