Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Everywhere i look i see spots. Well thats an exaggeration, but i love spots, its like a neutral but a print at the same time. But gone are the days where spots are just retro and fade into the background a bit, the new spots are bold and have something to say for themselves.

These dalmation-style spots are graphic but have a sort of natural, random feel about them. They are certainly not random as they are clearly hand /computer generated but made to look imperfect. Some of the spots on the gloves are a bit more like splodges.

Here we have Marc Jacobs putting spots on unexpected surfaces like this shagpile rug bag for example. The spots are spread quite messily over the bag and they are interrupted by the seams, this, i like, its sort of a rebellion again perfect spots.

And then Marc Jacobs again, putting playful spots on serious bags, serious leather. The bags are almost graffitied by spots, and i love how they match in with the models hoisery.

Cute but granny at the same time, a fresh combination for winter.

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