Sunday, 12 June 2011


She has designed everything from laptop cases to jewellery and covered a drum set in leather. I love her stuff, her name is Natalia Brilli and she is a Belgium designer. It is not often you come across a designer who has such a specific claim to fame / MO, but still manages to have so much variety and newness in her work. I came across her a few years ago, but still love her stuff as much as i did then.

Her stuff is quirky and playful, clever and sexy at the same time. Its like a small obsession she has not unlike me and tape ( but has managed to make an international brand out of it.

The embossed objects which seem to sit below the surface of the black leather give clues as to what is enclosed, and take full advantage of the beautiful properties of leather.

All her pieces are hand made in Paris and i am continuously inspired by her evolving style and collections.

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